Kink-Compatibility Program

A while back, I was looking for a means to establish compatibility with partners I was meeting in the scene. I wanted something that I could fill out with another person, that would assess our likelihood of being good partners, and which areas we were closely matched in interest.

I took this idea to forgottenfool, a Dominant partner of mine at the time, and gave him a list of what I wanted included. He, being much better at Excel than I, formulated a program that was simple, yet effective in working out kink-compatiability between two partners.

The first photo is of some of my answers to the program. The second photo is a section of the results between forgottenfool and I. We run at about a 76% compatibility. The program, without any further listed kinks and with all kinks answered, takes off 0.10% off this compatibility rating for each deviation from each other’s answers. Questions not answered are not counted towards this number.

This makes sense, even though we tend to be good partners—he has a much higher interest in rope and bondage than I do, and I have a higher interest in things like certain kinds of roleplay or blood-play. This program, however, lets us examine the areas where we match (or don’t!) and discuss our thoughts on these subjects.

I have found this program to be very useful, and I use it with every partner I consider serious relationships with, and many others if we’re going to be playing casually. It’s faster than undirected communication, and I have decided to share it with you all to download and use with your partners.

Available for download here.

xx SF

We should try this babe ;3. rottenlittleminx. It could give us new things to explore